Why Venison is the New ‘Red Meat’ in U.K.

June 4, 2021



If you're looking for a lean and healthy meat to eat, venison is the perfect option. It has less fat than traditional red meats like beef or lamb, and it's an excellent source of iron. It can be hard to find venison in grocery stores in the UK - but we have some options! Read on to find out more about what venison is, how to cook it, and where you can buy it. We'll also cover some types of venison available in the UK that are becoming increasingly popular as people become more health conscious.If you're looking for a lean and healthy meat to eat, venison is the perfect option. It has less fat than traditional red meats like beef or lamb, and it's an excellent source of iron

It can be hard to find venison in grocery stores in the UK - but we have some options! Read on to find out more!



Venison is the meat from a deer. Deer are herbivores and they eat plants, grasses, berries, leaves and bark. In contrast to other types of game animals such as elk (moose) or bison (buffalo), venison is lower in saturated fat which makes it healthier than lean beef or lamb for example. Venison also contains more iron than most meats including beef and lamb. 


Venison - Types

What most people don't realize is that venison is incredibly diverse. The general public categorize all venison under one banner! This is crazy to me as we actually have six species of deer living here in the UK. These are, Roe, Sika, Red, Muntjac, Chinese Water Deer and Fallow. Deer. These species vary in size, colour, diet and geographic distribution but they all have one thing in common; delicious venison meat! The flavors of all these deer vary so much, as much as beef and lamb! Here's a little bit more information on each deer:


  • Roe: The roe deer is one of our native species. It has been around for a long time and is abundant in most parts of the UK. Most parts of England will hold a healthy population as does the lower parts of Scotland. They are a bit more scattered in Wales as are most deer in wales.  
  • Sika: The sika deer is slightly bigger than a roe and has been introduced to our country from Japan. They are a very hardy animal and when looking at you look fierce. 
  • Red Deer: Red deer have an excellent reputation for flavor, due to the quantity of them in the food chain. They are also the largest deer in the UK, with some males weighing up to 250 kg!
  • Muntjac: The muntjak is one of our smallest deer and it's often mistaken for a fawn. This species has been introduced from China and India but can be found most densely in southern England.
  • Fallow: Fallow deer are a medium sized deer when comparing to others in the UK. Fallow are often found in larger groups, it wouldn't be uncommon to find herds of two hundred of more tightly packed together!
  • Chinese Water Deer: Chinese water deer are our least populated deer in the UK. Their territories in the UK are considerably smaller when comparing to all other five species. They are found in south eastern England in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and the Norfolk Broads!


Venison - Health

Currently venison is seen as the new 'red meat' in Britain, though it has been eaten for centuries. People are now turning to venison instead of more traditional meats like beef or lamb. The first benefit is that because this type of game was primarily sustainably hunted rather than farmed, they typically have a lower saturated fat content. This can be beneficial for those with high cholesterol levels. Venison also contains less total fat then other red meats making them good options for weight loss programs if you include fruit/vegetables in your meal plan. It's not just the amount but what kind of fats these types may contain too - such as omega-three.

More health benefits include venison not containing any trans fats, fewer calories and it being a good source of iron. There's a good reason why venison is being labelled as the "new red meat". It is increasing in popularity and will continue to do so! The venison numbers are extremely plentiful in great Britain. Many of the deer species are considered to be overpopulated in Britain and the numbers need to be controlled. This means there is plenty of venison available, especially during the pandemic when venison could not be sold!The more venison is eaten the less overpopulated deer in Britain will be and this makes it a sustainable meat.


When you think of venison, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a roast dinner. It's not wrong because this type of venison (venison meat) can be roasted and served with vegetables or potatoes on the side. But there are different types of venison available in UK supermarkets than just plain old roasts!

Venison steaks are another option for those looking to try something new this winter season. These tender cuts will need very little preparation which might come as a relief if you're short on time these days. If these two options don't suit your taste buds then other more adventurous dishes such as deer burgers or venison chili should be explored too! We recommend stocking up on all sorts when it comes to venison in the UK!


There is many myths or poor lack of understanding when it comes to venison and cooking it is another. It's not hard to cook venison, no harder than any other piece of red meat for that matter. However, there are many recipes available and sources of information on how to cook venison! 


There are many farms in the UK that sell venison meat. It can be found at farmers markets or independent butchers, as well as online.

Some of these vendors include:

  • Wild Meat - These provide an online store providing venison from the Suffolk countryside. This company provides a range of cuts from haunch to steak to sausages!
  • Black Face - Another company who offers a comprehensive range of venison!
  • The Dorset Meat Company - Offering a range of products including venison fillet steak and venison burgers for sale to restaurants & amp; retailers with an emphasis on quality, traceability and sustainability!
  • Local supermarkets also offer venison from time to time so it's best to check when you're shopping!
  • The Deer Box - This is an online store set up by one of Britain's leading game chef during the pandemic! It's a fantastic service run by people who are passionate about providing this fantastic food source to the public!



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