Where to Find Boats for Sale: Top Websites

April 6, 2021

Boats for sale


Boats for sale - Fishing boats

If you are looking to buy a boat but don't know where to start, then this is the blog post for you! We will discuss different ways of finding boats and recommend some websites that list boats for sale.

There are many places to find used or new boats and we will show you how. You can search online through classifieds sites like Craigslist, eBay, Craiglist's sister site Auto Trader US, or Boat Trader. There are also boat retailers who sell both new and used vessels. These include Bass Pro Shops-Marine Department (BASS), West Marine Company (WESTMARINE), Fish Finder Boats Incorporated (Fish Finder Boats).


Boats for sale on Ebay
  • Boat Trader Online is a great website where you can purchase boats from all over the United States and find boat dealers in your area. From small fishing vessels to luxury yachts, this site has it! Plus their online chat feature will help answer any of your questions that you may have. Regarding the boats listed on their website. A great feature on boat trader is the boat finder, which allows you to search by make and model.
  • Another great website would be boats.com. It's a well known website that has listings of boats for sale. This website is great because you can filter the search results by length and price.
    Also, they have a helpful feature where if I wanted to just see certain types or lengths so it would be easier then scrolling through each one individually! This site has plenty oh listings from all over US and UK too. Which makes looking easy, no matter where we are !!! Plus their customer service phone number is on their homepage. Which will help answer any questions that may arise while trying find my perfect boat!! Maybe even an online chat option as well? A definite plus when buying something such like boating equipment without seeing exactly whats going into our budget first-hand before making purchase!!!!


Boats for sale

One of the best ways to get deals on used boats is on sites like are listed above. These sites are so well established that prices for each models of boats tent to be competitive. This sorts out a lot of people trying to sell their boat for silly prices! Another major benefit of buying on a site like these is that they have safe practices for buyers! These companies which have been established for a long time and have dwindled out a lot of the poor sellers.

Another great thing about buying boats on these online websites would be having access information just by phone call. If I had any questions or concerns. Plus it's always nice when you're going into something blind not knowing anything beforehand. So being able clear up doubts before making purchase happen without even stepping foot off your living room couch!! But its still highly recommended to visit the boat before purchase. 


Boats for sale on Ebay

A boat is a large purchase and you never want to make the wrong decision. There are many ways of looking for boats, but eBay may not be your best option if they have one listed on their site - here's why: 

  • Sometimes sellers wont let you inspect it before buying. This could lead in to investing heavily into something that isn’t worth what was paid or has hidden damage/issues with its engine size etc. Which will cost more money than just paying someone who knows about these things beforehand! There are also many fake listings out there that could be a complete waste of time. And you'll get scammed if they're just taking your money!
  • It's not a dedicated boating website. This means you'll have less of a chance of finding what you're looking for. What we recommend is using Boatsdirect or boats.com, which will give an easy to navigate website that has many boats available. As well some tips on how and where these can be used! This allows people who don't know much about the industry or are in need-of directions find something they like quickly without any issues with fake listings etc.
  • The prices can be deceiving on Ebay. They might seem cheap, but the prices aren't always reflective of what they're worth. It's better to use Boatsdirect or Boats.com for more accurate pricing and quality! The best time in recent years has been around March/April because this is when new models are released with higher production numbers- which means it could lower the cost of some boats. 


The best place to find boats for sale in your local area is going through classifieds or buying from private sellers. These people are usually more willing and able-to negotiate with you on price instead of just sticking them at a set rate because they have overhead costs that need be met, like employees etc). As well as this it helps keeps the business within their town/city so there's some civic pride involved (if anything)!

It also means shipping can happen locally which saves money! The only downside might come if something goes wrong then repairs may not meet buyer expectations but these issues aren't too common when dealing privately anyways...as long time periods exist between transactions where problems will surface before another purchase occurs). I would obviously recommend going to a private business that has a good reputation or take somebody with you that knows what they are talking about!!


Again the sites that I provided earlier on the post will help you find a used boat and in the long run you should be able to get more for your money. When you're buying a used boat I would highly recommend taking someone who knows about boats with you. If the seller has something to hide then that person will help ensure they don't get away! Or go to a private seller that has a stand out good reputation in the community.


You can cost effectively sell your boat by going to a brokerage. The boats will be listed and you can contact the broker directly with any questions or concerns that come up! Do some research on how much other comparable, used vessels are selling at in order get an idea of what price point is fair market value.

List your boat on as many websites as you can . This will help drive more traffic to your listing and you'll be able buy a boat sooner! It's a fast-paced world, where people are looking at boats on their phone while they're out canoeing or fishing with friends who need one right now. Also, when you're buying a boat you don't have to be as nervous. You know what condition the boat is in. 

If you have a lot of traffic looking at your boat you may find yourself in great position where you have multiple offers on the table. This way you can drive your price of the boat up if you want to or just get rid of it quicker if you want too. Also, consider the time of year! The beginning of the year is when boat sales are at their highest. So don't list your boat mid season or at the end of the year, especially if you're paying for advertisement!


  1. 1
    What size boat do you want? 
  2. 2
    How big is the deck (how many people can fit on it)?
  3. 3
    What does your budget look like for this purchase? Two thirds of your budget will go to the boat and the other third for everything else
  4. 4
    Are there any current specials in my area that I should take advantage of before buying a used or new one.
  5. 5
    Do they have financing available and if so, how much will expect to put down as collateral?
  6. 6
    Will insurance be needed with our loan - what type??
  7. 7
    Will we need life jackets/safety equipment too??? Can't forget about those!
  8. 8
    Will I need a trailer for the boat?
  9. 9
    Where will I be launching the boat and do I have the right vehicle to launch and tow it?
  10. 10
    Will I have to pay any yearly fees to moore the boat or store it if I cant store it at home?

These are some very important questions when looking at boats because these pieces may not always come included even though some websites tell us otherwise...


Boats for sale at your local marina

This will depend on what you are using the boat for and what you are looking to get out of it. If you are looking to purchase it for fishing then you're best to go with a purpose boat fishing boat. Then do you want to move the boat around frequently and try fishing different areas? If so, you will want a trailer-able boat and this will restrict you to the size of boat you should purchase. Again, its always good to take someone with you or only consider purchasing a boat when you have gained good experience

If you plan on going out for the day regularly with the family then your best bet is to get something that will accommodate multiple people and has some storage space if possible like small coolers or extra life jackets, food etc... You should also think about what kind of shape are in when it comes time sell/trade-in before buying one too! Some boats depreciate faster than others so this could be an important factor as well - do research beforehand!!! You'll find many websites where they offer listings anywhere from $200 all way up into six figures (literally). The higher priced ones aren't always better either because there's really no such thing "the perfect vessel" without looking at specs more closely.


Store it somewhere dry in a sheltered place and definitely take it out of the water. Especially if its a saltwater boat, otherwise it will begin to get battered by the weather and cover up in barnacles. A boat in the water is constantly being hit by waves and salt. Boats were generally not meant for continuous exposure in bad weather all year round! Most marinas will offer a service to remove your boat from the water and store it for a monthly fee. If you can, the simplest solution is to tow your boat back home, another advantage of having a smaller boat!

And if you're not using it then Sell it! You're not the only one with this idea and there are several websites where you can sell your boat if that's what you want to do. Your best bet are the websites we have discussed, if using any others be sure to do your research. They may charge an additional fee for selling items through them too so just keep all these things in mind when choosing which route will work out better financially as well (i-e price per ad space). If sold privately then make absolute certain everything on board including life preservers/coolers. 


Here's a video that might help you when buying a boat. It's from a You Tuber called the " Fish Locker" who is a proud fisherman. But this video will help anybody out who is in the market for buying a boat!!



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