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January 28, 2021

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I suppose you already know what a telescopic fishing rod is and that’s why you have landed on this page but for those who don’t I will just explain quickly. A telescopic fishing rod is a rod that is designed to collapse down to a short length and open to a longer rod. A rod of several metres can be reduced to only a couple of feet. Having a rod that can break down to a much shorter length like this obviously has benefits when you’re lugging it about!

Telescopic rods are renowned for sacrificing quality for compactness to appeal to folk who like to holiday in camper-vans or travel abroad! It’s a great way to get started with fishing and discover whether you are going to enjoy this sport. The rods that I am therefore about to suggest are not for the very serious fisherman but are good enough to give you some fun and get you started. So having said that take a look at my following suggestions as to which telescopic rods to buy.

NO – 1 CHOICE: Fishoaky Telescopic Fishing Rod Set

This is a telescopic fishing rod package and a great all round starter pack. It comes with a fishing reel, line, lures and a fishing bag. You get all of this for very little money indeed. What I like about this rod is it’s made from carbon fiber which means it’s going to be durable and sturdy for you. It comes in a very convenient carry case which makes it easy for storing in the back of your vehicle and forgetting about it or taking it abroad!

What a cracking little present for somebody to have as-well as they don’t have to buy anything else to go fishing because it’s all in this package ready to go. The supplier also offers a customer guarantee of 30 fays full refund if you are unhappy with the rod, cant go wrong really for the price!

Key features:

  • Rod extends to 2.4 metres
  • Rod dimensions when broken down and in package 44.2 x 12 x 6.8 cm
  • Package weight: 770 grams
  • Material – Carbon fiber

Additional extras:

  • Reel + line
  • 33 PCS fishing lures and hooks
  • Carry bag
  • Small tackle box

NO – 2 CHOICE: Troutboy Black Warrior Telescopic Fishing Rod

This rod stands out from the rest because it’s powerful and light, which is what you would expect from a carbon fiber rod. This is probably the better rod of the lot. And the only reason it’s not my top choice is because it isn’t sold as a package which I believe most people are looking for when buying a telescopic rod. With this rod you have the option of many different lengths which range from 12 foot to 6 foot.

Personally I’d probably go for an 8 foot rod. My reasons – because the action on a telescopic rod can be quite bendy and this would be amplified with a longer rod. And I wouldn’t go shorter otherwise you’re reducing your casting ability more than you need to and ease of controlling and playing a fish. This reel presently has a 1 year warranty available on it as-well which makes it a great option to buy as a present or indeed yourself.

Key features:

  • Rod length – ranges from 12 foot to 6 foot
  • Material – 24 ton carbon fiber
  • Sensitive reflection
  • Stainless steel guides
  • 1 year guarantee presently check with supplier
  • Rod broken down package dimensions – 44.9 x 8.1 x 4.2 cm
  • Weight – 177 Grams

Additional extras:

  • N/A

NO – 3 CHOICE: Hunter Pro Complete Sea Fishing Kit 10ft Telescopic fishing Rod

Here is another great all round telescopic fishing rod set. This one comes with a complete set that will allow you to catch fish on your holiday. There’s even a set of feathers there that are included. Perfect for catching mackerel from the rocks which you can easily do in most places during the summer in the UK. This set even comes with a net to help scoop your fish up and a tackle box. You do get a lot with your money when it comes to this telescopic fishing set!

Key features:

  • Rod length – 10 foot
  • 26 inch long handle for better casting
  • Rod length when broken down – 80cm
  • Rod Weight – 275 grams

Additional extras:

  • Tackle box
  • Float set
  • Two fishing rigs (feathers + two hook flapper)
  • 22 inch net
  • Reel + 15 lb line
  • Weights
  • Beads

NO – 4 CHOICE: Roddarch Junior beginners Telescopic Fishing rod Kit

Another starter option would be this telescopic kit from Roddarch. This kit is aimed more at juniors and is a considerably shorter rod but I thought i’d throw it in to give you another choice. Again, with this kit you get given everything you need to catch a fish. It breaks down into a small travel bag which makes it easy to carry and store in the back of your vehicle. It has stainless steel rod eyes which is very beneficial considering they will come into contact with saltwater. The reel which comes with this package has been upgraded to the new graphite hunter pro reel.

Key features:

  • Rod length – 6 foot
  • Package dimensions when broken down – 50 x 18.5 x 9 cm
  • Neoprene handle with screw adjustable reel mount
  • Lined stainless steel eyes

Additional extras:

  • Reel + line
  • Fishing tackle set (10 assorted size hooks, 5 assorted floats, non-toxic shot, float rubbers & hook remove)
  • Tackle box
  • 1.5ltr bait box
  • Fishing tackle bag

NO – 5 CHOICE: Reawow Telescopic Fishing Rod And Reel

Here is my final choice, reamow telescopic rod and reel. Again another solid option to begin with and it comes at a cheap price as-well. It’s constructed of carbon fiber which as you should know by now is a material I am fond of as it’s tough and durable. Although this option doesn’t come with any additional extras you have the most important parts which are rod and reel. You will find plenty of terminal tackle in your local tackle shop, and the tackle you’ll buy in a local tackle shop will probably be much better than what you are supplied with in an all round package.

Key features:

  • Rod length – 2.7 meters
  • Rod length broken down – 60 cm
  • Package dimensions – 66 x 15.5 x 15 cm
  • Package weight –  560 Grams

Additional extras:

  • Reel


1. Weights:

If you need some weights if you have opted to buy one of the rods without any of the extras then weights will be essential. I would recommend buying some more weights anyway as they are so easily lost, so here is a link where you can purchase some……

2. Hooks:

Hooks are again an essential item and you will most likely eat your way through them as you will get snagged when fishing in the sea. Also it’s good to change your hooks between sessions anyway because they will corrod and weaken over a short period of time. Here is a link to buy some recommended hooks….

3. Swivels:

Again swivels are another essential item when fishing. None of the items proposed above have swivels but I would recommend buying some and they are small and can be stored easily in your tackle box. If you don’t use a swivel then your line will twist and get into tangles which is not recommended when you have a big fish on! click here for link….

4. Line:

Again spare line is essential, if your spool gets tangled you will need to change it which does happen unfortunately! Also you dont want to be constantly cutting line of your main line to tie new rigs otherwise you just keep reducing your spool capacity all the time. Here is a link to buy my recommended fishing line….

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