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January 15, 2021

Swazi clothing and shooting coats


It’s extremely important to have a top quality shooting coats to hand when you are engaged in upland hunting. If you are more of an active upland hunter/stalker it’s important to have a lightweight hunting coat. Even in cold temperatures because you soon become hot very quickly when hunting/stalking across mountainous terrain. I personally would always choose lightweight shooting coats over very warm or thick coats even if I did my fair share of high-seat shooting. This is because as long as your outer layer is as windproof and water proof as it can be then you can always add layers to increase warmth. Swazi clothing among others can offer you the best shooting coats available. So lets take a look at my all my recommended lightweight shooting coats:

Best all round:

Swazi clothing Wapiti Jacket

This Swazi clothing wapiti jacket is outstanding, I have personally had one of these jackets for four years now and I would highly recommend it! You can have this jacket on in high winds that has a harsh cold bite and you still don’t feel it. When we talk about being waterproof, this swazi gear is certainly it! It’s really satisfying when you get caught out by a very heavy down pour for several hours and you’re just not getting wet. You then take the jacket off and the jacket is bone dry inside. I have felt this satisfying feeling with other jackets as well, the difference being between this and other jackets is it stays dry for years not months.

There are several jackets out there on the market that are waterproof, and they are! But they just do not stay waterproof for long and that’s a fact (even if they say they do). Often the difference between them maintaining their water-proofness is the durability of the jacket. Often coats/jackets will lose their water-proofness because the GORE-TEX wears out by your bodily motions. Another reason they lose their water-proofness is by having a weak outer layer. When you lie down on rough ground it must be tough enough to resist abrasion that may puncture the coat. Although, sometimes a large sharp thorn or barb wire fence will be strong enough to puncture the jacket so take care. Swazi clothing really have produced a fantastic jacket in this wapiti model.

Features include:

  • 3 x layer of AEGIS Fabric (PTFE)
  • Breathable
  • Low noise fabric
  • Wind proof
  • Hand warmer flaps tucked in behind each front pocket
  • Stretch inner cuff with touch tape outer cuffs ensures sleeves stay where you want them to.
  • Side vents for unrestricted walking and climbing movement.
  • Can be rolled into it s own hood for easy stowing.

Best runner up:

Harkila Mountain Hunter smock Hunting green

Harkila is leading the way in many forms of hunting clothing and equipment at the moment. The only reason I haven’t included this jacket as the best all round jacket is because I haven’t tried it myself. However I have several very good reports about the jacket and have tried similar products and own similar products myself from Harkila. Harkila, without a doubt offer some of the toughest range of clothing their is. They use a similar construct of material on all of their products.

The one attribute in my opinion that makes Harkila products stand out from the rest is the durability of their products. You’ll notice when you buy any of their products just how tough the outer layer is. This is brilliant because most of the time the GORE-TEX inner layer just doesn’t get punctured and this means you will remain dry. Harkila often sacrifice product weight to achieve this durability which means most of their products are on the heavy side. But you wont notice this with this coat because it’s a lightweight coat regardless.


  • 3 x layer GORE-TEX membrane (PTFE)
  • Brushed low noise tricot fabric
  • Rip stop fabric
  • Ventilation zips
  • Highest degree of weather resistance
  • Detachable adjustable hood
  • Grip tape on shoulders
  • Radio pocket on both sides with exit hole for aerial
  • Side zip pockets and innner pocket
  • Reinforcement on lower back and sleeves
  • Adjustable waist, bottom and sleeve hem

Alternative 1:

Musto Mens Highland Gore-Tex Ultra Lite Coat

Musto clothing is renowned for being the best waterproof clothing in the yachting world. So what should that tell you? Also, they have been supplying the RNLI for years and was granted royal warrants in 2010 and named as one of their official suppliers. I have worn a lot of their clothing and is extremely dry. Perhaps I could of included musto as my best all round aswell. I didnt because they aren’t as fixated on their shooting gear as Harkila and Swazi are and the Harkila and Swazi coats have an extra layer of GORE-TEX.

This coat will be a fantastic lightweight hunting coat for you and comes in considerably cheaper than the Harkila and Swazi clothing coats. But you are still getting a tough durable coat that will keep you dry. It’s been made for shooting in temperature changeable weather. And the coat features a GORE-TEX fabric construction that will protect you from all weathers. It’s fitted with a waist adjuster that allows you to tailor adjust the coat to your liking. But I would recommend all Musto clothing, they are the experts at knowing how to keep you dry.

Features include:

  • 2 x layer of GORE-TEX membrane
  • Fully seam taped construction for a waterproof seal
  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating to help water bead and run off for faster drying times
  • High, polysuede lined collar can be drawn in with a concealed adjuster in back neck panel and can be studded down when open
  • 2 bellow pockets with flap retainers, 2 chest handwarmer pockets and a zipped chest pocket
  • Inner stretch cuffs with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating
  • Double storm flap with drainage channel over a 2-way YKK® zip for an impenetrable front closure
  • The action back construction at the shoulders allows you to move freely
  • Articulated underarms allow greater freedom of movement
  • Detachable and adjustable hood with a stiffened peak to keep run-off water away from your face

Alternative 2:

Ridgeline coats Torrent Euro III Waterproof Jacket

If you do not want to spend the money on the jackets I have already mentioned then this is a perfect alternative. And the shooting jacket has gained a reputation for being a great all round hard-wearing field jacket and has all the features you could ever wish to need! They are becoming very popular and I seem to be seeing them about more and more. They perhaps don’t have a 3 x layer of GORE-TEX like the Harkila and and Swazi clothing but they do incorporate a fully waterproof membrane.

Features include:

  • Waterproof 10,000 H20
  • Breathable 5,000 MVT
  • Silient shell
  • Large roomy wired hood
  • Elasticated velcro cuff
  • Hand warmer pockets
  • Full length two way front zip
  • Large cargo pockets

Alternative 3:

Hunters jacket from Jack Pyke coats

Another alternative jacket that I would suggest if you weren’t fussed on investing a significant amount of money would be this Jack Pyke hunters jacket. Also, this jacket is made using stealth fabric, which is waterproof, breathable and really soft to the touch. And the soft material will allow you to get close to your quarry as quietly as possible. The jacket is made from brushed tricot polyester and has a laminated membrane. It has elasticated shrouds around the wrists which helps stop rain from running down your arm.

Features include:

  • Two full length zips, overlap flap
  • Press stud fixings
  • Handy emergency hood concealed in collar pocket
  • Two bellows pockets complete with very useful cartridge holders
  • Two hand warmer pockets
  • One internal chest pocket
  • Fold out attached waterproof seat flap

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