Ridgemonkey Stove + Other Camping Stoves Review

January 22, 2021

Ridgemonkey stove - tent stove - camping stove


There are several different brands and designs of camping stoves available and most of them have their place. I am going to show you several different types of camping stoves such as the ridgemonkey stove which are good for different purposes. Whether it may be a lightweight small compact would suit you better if you’re into hiking or perhaps a more heavy duty one which would suit a family camping trip a bit better.

Ridgemonkey stove - Camping stove - tent stove


This camping offers two cooking rings which helps you cook or cook your food and boil your water at the same time which can save a fair amount of time in itself! This stove can fold down into a suitcase style package which makes it very easy to carry with you on your camping trips. It’s durable because it’s made from Aluminium. It’s a perfect camping stove for either a small family or an individual and the type you can throw in the back of the car and forget about without being to worried about it getting damaged.

Winnerwell stoves – Tent stove

This is another completely different style of stove. This is a winnerwell nomad tent stove which is suitable for tents when set up correctly but for most types of shelters and is a great all round camping stove as-well. It’s created from stainless steel which means it wont corrode and can be used outdoors. To top it off it doesn’t just keep you warm you can obviously cook all your food on it as-well.

This portable wood burning stove really does come into it’s own when you set it up in a tee-pee tent which can accommodate a chimney for the stove. We have one ourselves and the camping really is taken to the next level, you will never be without one again unless you have to. You can stock it up with small bits of wood just before you go to bed and hang your clothes up to dry. You wake up feeling like a lord and all your wet clothes are dry as-well.

Ridgemonkey stove – Ridgemonkey cooker

This ridgemonkey stove is a brilliant piece of kit. It’s probably one of the most stable designs for a lightweight camping stove. The square design just gives it that bit more stability to the camping stove itself and the frying pan that you place on top of the stove. This ridgemonkey cooker is a durable robust design being made out of stainless steel, the gas hose is even made out of stainless steel! It’s a wee bit heavier and a wee bit bigger than some of the other lightweight camping stoves but this one is a quality piece of kit.


  • Weight – 860 grams
  • Stainless steel
  • Push button piezo ignition
  • Single 2700W high-power output
  • Super stable design

Terra Hiker stove – Portable Camping Gas Stove

This is an extremely lightweight camping stove that just folds away into nothing almost. It comes with a little box that it fits into which is 8.5 x 11.5 x 7 cm, that should give you a good idea of how small it is. You can put it in your backpack for days hiking and not even notice it’s their considering it only weighs only 0.7 lbs which is approximately 320 grams.

Although it’s small and lightweight don’t let make you think that’s its not strong and powerful because it is! I have used this stove on several camping trips alongside the ridgemonkey and it performs remarkably well. It’s not as stable as the ridgemonkey but it is much lighter and smaller. The stability of it is good as-well because its got such a low centre of gravity!


  • Weight – approximately 320 grams
  • Construction – Stainless steel & aluminium
  • Push button piezo ignition
  • 3500 W power output
  • Stable design

Jetboil Flash – Jetboil stove – Jetboil fuel

This is another lightweight cooking system that you can take up the mountain with you. It’s a great cooking system that will light for you at a click of a button and heats your food or water fast but efficiently too. Jetboil say that this product can provide two cups of water in a 100 seconds ive never measured it myself but I wouldnt be surprised. Either way it’s fast and efficient.

I really like this product from jetboil, you can really tell that they have put a lot of thought into it because the ergonomics of the product are outstanding. From the click button starter, adjustable stainless steel burner, drink through lid with pour spout and strainer to making it compatible with other jetboil products and the overall quality of the product in general.


  • Weight – 371 grams
  • Stainless steel & aluminium
  • Push button ignition
  • 2600 W power output
  • stable design

Coleman stove

This stove has been used by my father and I for several years now and it’s kind of like a cross between the Jetboil flash stove and Terra stove, its priced in between the two as-well! It’s base is of similar construction to the Terra stove and it comes with several accessories such as the wind brake and cooking pot seen in the image above.

Again the stove part folds away into nothing and is extremely lightweight. Unlike the Terra this stove has a wind-brake that locks into place on top of the stove. On top of this wind-brake the cooking pot can slot into place making the whole design very stable indeed. The foam lining around the cooking pot is a nice touch, this allows you to hold the pot and it your food out of it without getting burnt while keeping your food hot. The stove, wind-brake and gas can all fit inside the cooking pot!


  • Weight – approximately 490 grams
  • Push button piezo Ignition
  • 2200 W power output
  • Stable design

Vango camping stove – Vango folding gas stove

This Vango camping stove is a great all round stove for a family camping trip away. It isn’t a stove for carrying up the mountain but it is one to have in the back of your, car, caravan and so on. The vango camping stove that you can see here has a three burners which allows you to cook multiple dishes at once. Although this stove is capable of cooking a lot of food at once it really is a compact design which folds away easily.


  • Weight: 5.14 kg
  • Push button piezo ignition
  • 1900 W power output for each burner
  • Grippers on bottom of stove


  1. Camping Stove Windshield

If you decide to purchase the Terra or Ridgemonkey stove then this windshield would be a good investment. It folds away tightly into your backpack as-well.

2. Lifesystem Firestarter

Although several of the stoves I have provided above have their own push button systems to ignite the stove. Its always worth at least having a secondary option and this life-system fire-starter is a great tool to do so.

3. Gas canisters

You are going to need gas canisters for your stove so here is a link to the amazon page where most of the universal canisters are available. Click here…

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