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March 13, 2021

Polarised sunglasses


Polarised sunglasses have been around for a while but it’s only recently that they’ve seen a surge in popularity. They’re great at cutting out glare from water, snow and other reflective surfaces. Which make them perfect for using when on the water or in snowy climates. But what exactly are polarised sunglasses? And why should you consider buying some? A lot of people ask us what they should buy when it comes to sunglasses. We all know that good quality sunglasses can protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. But did you know that wearing polarised glasses outdoors is also an excellent way to reduce eye fatigue and improve visual clarity?

They are perfect for fishing or boating. They block up to 80% of UV rays. It’s time to get a pair of polarized sunglasses. You’ll be glad you did, and your eyes will thank you for it!


Polarized sunglasses only let light rays that shine at your eyes vertically enter your pupil. The lenses will block out all the horizontal light waves bouncing off reflective surfaces. Like water, pavement and mirrors. Which is what causes glare in your vision and prevents you from clearly seeing everything in front of you. Polarised lenses contain a special filter which blocks this type of reflected light. The filter is created from a film which is stretched over the lense.

You will need a “micro fibre cleaning cloth” to ensure that your polarised sunglasses are kept in good working order. Clean your glasses by applying slight pressure in a circular cleaning motion!


We’re an outdoorsy company, so we like to give our customers the best advice on how to enjoy their outdoor activities. We recommend polarised sunglasses that help protect your eyes from intense light and glare, which comes in handy when you’re out exploring nature.

Do you really think about the future? People who are not wearing polarized sunglasses might want to try it out today. Let us show you more reasons why polarized sunglasses can be beneficial for your everyday life. Polarized sunglasses have been scientifically proven to block 95% of the sun’s UV rays and decrease glare up to 100%. They also help reduce headaches related to screen time.


As we have already said polarised sunglasses remove glare but also optimize color saturation so you can make out the subtle differences in fish underwater

Sunlight is reflected up towards the surface, obscuring your vision from below by what’s known as “reflected light,”. Polarised sunglasses minimize this effect and allow for better visibility when trying to see through flat or calm water

Polarized sunglasses are essential items for many outdoor sports like fly-fishing, boating, kayaking. Plus they can be worn around town should glare become a problem

  • You want to be able to spot the difference in height of fish, weeds and other objects on the water that are tall.
  • Keep glare out of your eyes which will help you when you need to keep a direct line on an object or fighting a fish.


There are many factors to consider when purchasing sunnies, such as shade, fit or even whether you want metal frames or plastic. However thanks to our new friends at Polaris Optics we now have another aspect to add into the mix: polarization! You can buy good polarised glasses from Amazon and theres plenty of choice too. Take a look at my recommendations that I have made below.

You want glasses that are light enough to not get on your nerves while skiing or hiking yet durable enough for a hike through the great outdoors.



There’s no side effects when it comes to wearing polarised glasses. Especially those which have your own prescription within them! In fact it’s quite the opposite as we have already discussed. However, you don’t want to wear polarised glasses all the time unless it’s beneficial too you just like any other glasses!

  • Keep in mind the time of day and how dark it is. If you’re going hiking and there’s no direct sunlight this could be a reason why you might not need them as much.
  • Consider the weather! Clear skies means you don’t need protection from intense UV rays. It also means that if it starts snowing then you’ll need some more coverage to protect yourself from light reflecting off snow. Why


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