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January 12, 2021

Meindl walking boots - hill walking


I have chosen Meindl as the best walking boots simply because they are renowned for being the best. We own several different types of Meindl boots within the family and definitely agree. It’s not surprising though because they have been around since 1683. And If they weren’t good at making boots by now they may as-well just give up! All their boots are hand crafted as-well which often means much higher quality. I only like to recommend products I have used or reviewed extensively to give you the best idea on what to buy. Although, these boots are not cheap its definitely worth investing if you’re getting into your hill/mountain hiking as it will save you money in the long term for sure. So I wont keep you any longer, please look at my suggested boots to buy off them.

Good types of Meindl walking boots to choose (MEN):

Suggested three types of meindl walking boots for men:

  1. Meran GTX Walking Boot

2. Bhutan MFS Men’s Hiking Boots

3. Vakumm GTX Nordic Walking Shoes

Meindl Men’s Meran GTX Walking Boot review:

This Meindl walking boot has been designed to provide comfort. It’s one of the best hiking boots for wide feet as well as being supportive and easy to fit. The uppers are made from Nubuck leather and its waxed which makes for a durable outer layer. This boot has a GORE-TEX lining which makes it fully waterproof in all conditions. The foot bed is extremely comfortable because it’s made from cork and a fleece lining. It’s a larger boot towards the front in both width and height. This slightly wider base gives you a better stance and more support because its got a larger surface area. To finish off, this boot has Meindl’s very strong and grippy bottom surface so it will make it perfect for the variety of surfaces you will use it on! All the technical features are listed below:

  • GORE-TEX lining throughout
  • Nubuck leather
  • Comfort fit cork and fleece footbed
  • Meindl comfort heiker sole
  • Waterproof protection

Meindl Bhutan MFS Men’s Hiking Boots review:

This boot is a Meindl walking boots classic and has been a best seller for years. So in being one of the best sellers of the best outdoor boot company in the world speaks volumes really! It’s best attributes are being supportive and durable for use all year round. This shoe is made from top quality Nubuck leather which is why it’s so durable. Again, this boot has is very stable and grippy on all surfaces which is typical of Meindl boots. Some more key points:

  • GORE-TEX lining throughout
  • Adjustable digiflex lacing system to attain the perfect hold
  • Air active footbed to get rid of unwanted moisture
  • Memory foam system around the ankle to provide a compression zone around the ankle for added comfort
  • Self cleaning vibram double density sole unit
  • Nubuck leather
  • Waterproof protection

Meindl Men’s Vakumm GTX Nordic Walking Shoes review:

Something slightly different but has all the top qualities that Meindl provide is this boot. This boot uses what Meindl call “vaccum technologies” to provide a personolised fit and increased comfort. So the vaccum technology is basically a memory foam system throughout the shoe. It works by using your body heat to mold your foot to the boot and give you a customized fit. It’s helps by reducing the pressure on the Achilles when you’re walking down hill. All the technical features of this boot are listed below:

  • GORE-TEX lining throughout
  • Nubuck leather
  • Air active vaccum footbed
  • Meindl magic light trail sole
  • Waterproof protection

Good types of Meindl walking boots to choose (WOMEN):

The types that I would suggest for women would remain the same or very similar. So read through all the reasons I have given for the men’s boots and the same reasons apply to you. I have included the women’s versions to buy below though however, I hope this helps:

Upland hunting boots:

For me and many others Meindl again supply the best hunting boot available and they provide the warmest hunting boots I have ever tried. In my opinion and this is crucial in a mid-winter hunt. I have included a short ankle boot and long ankle boot in my suggestions. There are two types that I would recommend for both women and men, see below:

Upland hunting boots - best cold weather hunting boots - women's hunting boots
  1. Dovre Extreme Wide Field Sports Boot
  2. Taiga GTX Field Sport Boot

Dovre extreme wide field sports boot review:

This boot is fantastic and I own two pairs myself. So I have used this boot extensively in some of the toughest terrains we have. I’ve submerged them right up to the top of the boot and they have remained completely dry (and done this multiple times over several years). I’m on the sixth year with mine and they are still in great condition. It has been designed specifically for the hunting world but it can be used as an all round boot as well. A multigriff sole which has been developed by vibram really ensures a strong grip on all types of terrain. This boot incorporates Meindl’s best technical features, see below:

  • Nubuck leather with wax uppers
  • GORE-TEX lining
  • Air active soft print drysole footbed
  • Meindl multigriff by vibram
  • Memory foam system (MFS)
  • Digafix lacing system
  • Waterproof protection

Taiga GTX Field Sport Boot review:

Another boot which has been designed specifically to enhance your ability and enjoyment when hunting. This boot has unbeatable ankle support, it’s height really does give you a lot of extra stability when in the field. The high sides on these boots reduce a lot of the possibility of rolling your ankle because of the added support. They have saved me on multiple occasions. They are cold weather hunting boots and in among the best mountain hunting boots you can buy. See all the technical features below:

  • Nubuck leather uppers
  • GORE-TEX lining
  • Air active soft print dry sole footbed
  • Meindl multigriff by vibram
  • Memory foam system (MFS)
  • Digafix lacing system
  • Waterproof protection

Alternative brand of walking/hunting boot:

The only other brand of walking/hunting boot that I would recommend is Harkila. This is because they are a leading brand in outdoor clothing and hunting equipment and are very well respected. The company was founded in the 1950’s and is based out of Sweden. The boot I would recommend which is more primed for hunting but can be used as a walking boot is below:

  1. Harkila Driven Hunt GTX boot

It’s a warm and hard wearing boot for cold weather hunting. Several of the people I know wear these boots who I respect and they speak highly of them. I have purchased several of their coats and trousers and they are of the highest standard so I am happy with recommending them too you. In my opinion and many others they are leading the way in this industry. The technical features include:

  • 2.2 mm full grain leather
  • Vibram sole
  • Fully waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Insulating GORE-TEX membrane

Thank you:

That’s it from me in terms of hunting boot suggestions but thank you for taking your time to read my post. And if you would like to find out a little more about me and why I am writing this blog then please have a read here…. Alternatively if you would like to keep up to date with more of my blogs that analyse all sorts in the outdoors, then go to the footer on my home page and fill out the email form, thank you and see you soon.

Frequently asked questions:

Question 1: What is Nubuck leather?

Answer 1: Nubuck leather is made from cowhide and Nubuck uses the outside of the hide which is tougher (the same as traditional leather). But it’s different to traditional leather as is turned to Nubuck when it is sanded down and left with a napped finish.

Question 2: Is there a cheaper type of boot that you would recommend?

Answer 2: Yes and I will be doing another review on these shorty. Go to the homepage in the footer and leave your email, this way I can keep you updated.



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