Glamping Pods – Everything You Need to Know

April 24, 2021

Glamping Pods


Glamping Pods are a new trend that allow you to experience the outdoors in luxury. They provide an intimate, comfortable and luxurious camping experience. Yet they offer all of the modern amenities that one would want from a hotel room. Glamping pods range anywhere from £50-£400 per night and can be found in most places now. There are many benefits to staying at a Glamping Pod such as: being close to nature, being environmentally conscious, getting away from it all or just having some fun! This blog post will go into more depth about what glamping is and why you should try it out this summer!


Glamping Pods - Close To Nature

Glamping pods are an alternative to camping in that they provide all of the necessities you would need for a comfortable night's sleep. Glamping pods typically have beds, electricity and heaters as well as many modern amenities such as bathrooms with showers and kitchens! They also include their own toilet which add a lot of comfort for the not so keen full on camper! Glamping Pods are perfect for those who want to experience some outdoor luxury but don't want to rough it too much while also getting away from the hustle and bustle of life.

If you really love nature then glamping is for you. However, camping provides more freedom than staying at a Glamping Pod--especially if it's your first time going camping! If, however, you're just looking for an escape or something different this summer the glamping can be the perfect alternative!


Camping - Morning Coffee

People that would like using a glamping pod include those who are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Those that want some outdoor luxury but don't want to rough it too much while also getting to enjoy nature.

Glamping is for people who love being outdoors but maybe aren't so keen on all the bugs that come with camping! The glamping pods make it more convenient than camping because they have electricity and heaters as well as many modern amenities such as bathrooms with showers or kitchens. Glamping is perfect for people that do not like being outside all day long. Camping offers a lot more freedom which makes them better suited for first time camper's. If you're just in need of an escape this summer then making sure you prepare yourself will help before committing to glamping!


Glamping Pods - Close To Nature

Glamping pods work by having a pre-built house that has the amenities you may need including electricity and heaters. You simply turn up and enjoy the convenience of modern amenities. Enjoy your stay while your there and then hand the keys back when you're done. Obviously each glamping pod setup will have its own rules or things you must know. You should be allocated your own parking on site and there should be staff on hand to help you with any queries. The best way to find all this out is by ringing them and having a chat about it. 


You can find a good campsite by looking for one that is close to transport links, has some trees and open spaces. The campsites with large plots are the best as you will have more privacy. It's not necessary but if you can't find a good camp site then it may be worth booking in advance so you don't miss out on your holiday! It's typically a personnel opinion as to what you want as-well. But i prefer the campsites right in the heart of nature, not too far from the nearest town.


Glamping - Morning Coffee
  • In the Uk the best website to find Glamping Pods is (gampimg-pods.co.uk)
  • In the US, you're better off referring to this fanatstic article that lists all the best destinations to go glamping across the United States (CountryLiving.com)

These sites offer a wide selection of locations in many countries across the globe that have glamping facilities for travelers looking to experience camping with modern conveniences like electricity and plumbing without sacrificing comfort or style!


Glamping Pods

The cost of a glamping pod varies, but it is typically between the £50 - £400 mark per night. In terms of how long can you book the glamping pods for it's just like any other holiday booking! You can book your glamping pods for anything from just one night up to weeks at a time. This will depend on the site and the space that is available.

Most glamping pods are self-contained, so for example you have your own kitchen facilities in there as well which means it's much easier to cook food on site too! This also makes cleaning up a lot quicker at the end of your stay - something I'm always grateful for when camping away from home!


When you go glamping you should take with you a few things that will make your stay more comfortable. Bring sunscreen, a good book, toiletries of some sort (shampoo and soap), and any other items you might need to be self-sufficient during your glamping experience! Again if you forget anything it's a lot more convenient than camping. Because you can just head to the closest town to pick up anything you might need or have forgotten.

Personally here's a basic list of items that I believe is reasonable to take with you on a glamping trip:

- Extra clothing for each day of the stay (long sleeve shirts and pants/shorts in case it's chilly at night!)

- Toiletries (toothbrush and toothpaste)   - Cooking supplies such as dishes, pots & pans.

- Personal care items like insect repellant or any other products that may be needed during your stay!


Glamping Pods - Are you allowed to take pets?

Most glamping pod sites are very much dog friendly and children friendly and its a big part of their promotion. You will make lots of fantastic memories with your pet and kids at a glamping pod! Pets and children are not allowed in all pods, but most allow them. As always it is recommended to check the site's policies before booking as this varies a lot from company to company. 


The pros and cons of a glamping pod are similar to the pros and cons of camping out in nature. The highlights include being able to explore your surroundings, enjoy free range living, fresh air and breathtaking views! Glamping pods also provide you with many modern conveniences such as electricity for charging electronics or running appliances like refrigerators - which is perfect if you have children. Below is a list of all the pros and cons that I could think of! There really aren't many negatives when it comes to glamping. But I have included a few just for the sake of the table, but it's all a matter of opinion. 




  • Glamping pods provide modern conveniences like electricity and some even have refrigerators. 
  • You're able to explore the outdoors while comfortably resting in a tent or pod.
  • The views are spectacular! Some glamping sites offer amazing scenic views of mountains, valleys, lakes, forests and more. 
  • Glamping is a more affordable way to camp or go on an outdoor vacation. 
  • It's easy to travel with kids and pets, as they're welcome in many glamping sites. 
  • Still having access to modern conveniences such as electricity for charging electronics and running appliances 
  • You're a lot more protected from the elements if things do suddenly change in terms of weather
  • You aren't as mobile as you would be when camping
  • Not quite as close to nature as you would be when camping!
  • May have neighbors that are a bit noisier than you would like
  • Not as peaceful as it might be when you choose a camping spot with no people!



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