Disgorger: Different Types of Fishing Disgorger’s

June 9, 2021



What is a fishing disgorger? Disgorgers are fishing tools that help remove the hook from fishes throat. Disgorgers are very useful when the fish in question has been deep hooked and cannot be unhooked using your hands! They come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. In this article we will go over some of the most popular types of disgorgers!


Disgorger - Freshwater Fish

The type of disgorger that you have will vary massively on the type of fishing that you are doing. Generally saltwater fishing disgorgers will be much bigger than your freshwater disgorgers. This is down to mainly two things: 1. The fish are generally much larger & 2. Popular species that are targeted such as pollack and bass have large mouths. Freshwater species such as trout and salmon have much smaller mouths to contend with. For larger species a disgorger called a T - bar is often used. T - bars operate by using the fishes weight to unhook the fish. 

NOTE: Other species such as pike are often targeted using treble hooks. In this case it would better to use forceps instead of disgorgers. Pike have extremely large mouths and forceps will be much better suited for removing treble hooks from a fishes mouth. 


Disgorger - Salt Water Fish

There's several things you need to know when selecting the right disgorger such as the following:

  • HOOK SIZE: The hook sizes that you are using will affect the type and size of disgorger you should be using. Often many freshwater anglers will use a disgorger that isnt capable of removing the hooks that they are using. Many don't realize this until it comes to unhooking the fish and they begin to struggle, often injuring and killing the fish.
  • ENVIRONMENT: What environment will you be using the disgorger in? If its saltwater make sure you don't buy something that is going to corrode.  You can get some very good plastic or stainless steel/aluminium disgorgers that work well in harsh environments!
  • FISH SIZE: Just because your disgorger may be capable of unhooking some big hooks it doesn't mean you should be using it. Think of the type of fish you will be unhooking. If it's a shark or any other large predatory fish you'll want to keep your hand as far away from the fishes mouth as possible. Therefore an extended T - bar may be the solution for you. 


Here are a couple of videos showing you how to use disgorgers and T - bars! Most of them pretty much work the same way: 



  • These little aluminium disgorgers are brilliant bits of kit and take next to no storage space up in your tackle box.
  • I have a couple of these and have used them for many years effectively. They don't corrode and they get the job done.
  • They are perfect for when fishing the small streams after trout.
  • However, they are limited to removing very small hooks. Recommended for size 14 and above although I have removed used them on size 10 hooks!


  • Six fishing unhooking disgorger with a single size that is 5.51 inch/ 14 cm long, 2.51 inch/ 6.4 cm for handle, and 2.99 inch/ 7.6 cm for the metal part.
  • There are many fishing disgorgers to choose from. Here is a composite one which comprises metal and plastic. The thickened handle provides an easy grip for the user while the unique design of the head makes it easier to extract deep fish hooks.
  • There are many ways to remove a hook from a fish. If you can see the hook it is best to use the groove on top of the hook against your thumb and push down, if you can not see the hook but know where it is located put sub-line through, starting at one end near her mouth then pushing up toward the top until you feel the hook.
  • Takes up no more space than a chapstick. Suitable for a variety of occasions


This is an unusual type of fishing disgorger but i thought I would include it anyway. I haven't actually tried this type of disgorger but I have heard good reviews and I do actually like the idea of it myself!

  • PORTABLE -- Suitable size and lightweight design, it is convenient to carry the hook remover wherever you want
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLING -- The ergonomic plastic T-handle can fit your palm perfectly. It is great and comfortable for single hand use
  • EFFICIENT -- It can remove the hooks which was be swallowed deeply and getting those troublesome hooks out, such as gut hook
  • PROTECTIVE -- The hook separator can not only protect your fingers from hurt, but can also protect the fish, fish hook, fish line from damage
  • CORROSION RESISTANT -- Made of anodized aluminum, the hook remover has a good corrosion resistance to salt water

    As I have already mentioned there will be certain situations where disgorgers don't quite cut the mustard! In this instance another option you could have is forceps. Forceps are suitable for removing treble hooks or grabbing hold of hook while the fish is flapping around!

    • PORTABLE -- Suitable size and lightweight design, it is convenient to carry the hook remover wherever you want
    • Essential: Forceps will be essential if you're fishing with treble hooks! Treble hooks are often used when dead-baiting for pike or catfish or perhaps most often when lure fishing!
    • Durable material: These particular forceps have been manufactured using stainless steel. 
    • Locking position: The forceps are handily locked into position by the locking teeth as seen on the image to the left! These locking teeth keep hold of the hook if the fish starts to flap. Your disgorger wouldn't do this which can become frustrating at times... 



  • Work in saltwater and freshwater : Made by stainless steel when you going fishing whether saltwater or freshwater you can use it
  • Easy to use : Spring loaded handle and 11-1/2” for one hand can remove the hooks clearly and quickly
  • Save your hook : When the fish swallows your hooks and stay in deep throat it is difficult to remove the hook with a pliers ,but it works well for its slim
  • Save your finger: If you practice catch and release, this hook remover can keep the fish in the water and remove the hook immediately without hurt by hooks


    • As mentioned previously in this blog post a T - bar is often used for unhooking bigger fish. This heavy duty T- bar would be perfect for doing so. 
    • It has a strong grip and is made of steel which means its going to be super strong. Allowing you to put as much force on it as you can exert. 
    • This T- bar is made form stainless steel which means its going to be anti corrosive. Perfect for keeping on the boat at all times!


    • Easy to use: This T- bar like all T- bars is extremely easy to use. So much so that they have become very popular and you often here charter boat skippers saying that's all they will use.
    • Anti corrosive : This T - bar is made from plastic and therefore does not corrode. Great to keep on the boat. 
    • Practice: T - bars like any other disgorger can take some practice to use correctly. However, when you have it mastered you shouldnt be without a disgorger!



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