Best Head Torch: Benefits and Features

April 24, 2021

Best Head Torch - CluLite


The best head torch can be a lifesaver. They are useful for all sorts of tasks, from fishing or camping to finding your way around in the dark. There are many different types and styles available on the market, so it may seem like searching for the best head torch is an impossible task. Luckily, I have had my hands on a great one and found what I believe is among the best head torches you can get: Clulite! Here's why...

Clulite Head Torch Review: Benefits and Features


For anybody Who doesn't know what a head torch is , it is a light that one can wear around their head. They are perfect for walking the dog at night, climbing up mountains or finding your way in the dark! Also, its used by fisherman at night who need light to see what bait they are putting on their line. Otherwise you will end up with a hook in your finger sooner rather than later! It is best to have a head torch on your person if you're going camping or hiking at night- it's much better than holding up a phone that only has one specific, narrow beam of light. A head torch can be used as more of an all-around lighting source!

Today however, I will be introducing you to Clulite's "HL21 Rechargeable Headlight". 


Head Torch - Flood Beam & Spot beam

This head torch is an excellent way of lighting up your surroundings. I use it while walking the dog in the dark, as well as when camping or hiking - there's always something to do at night! It also has a red light on the side which can be used for reading if you're just lying down and want some extra light without waking everyone else up."

"The Clulite HL21 headlamp provides 580 lumens with 150m beam distance (compared to typical 70-100 lumen lights). The best part? You get all this power plus battery versatility: EITHER Rechargeable Li-ion battery supplied OR AAA batteries for backup power AND "side light". Here are all the Clulite's features listed:

  • 580 Lumens - 150m beam distance 
  • Multi battery option rechargeable battery supplied (B33) OR AAA batteries for backup power AND "side light"
  • Will run from AAA batteries for backup power, not suppliedRed side light
  • Vertically adjustable
  • Slim compact design
  • Just 95g LED indicator shows battery capacity and charging status.
  • IP64 Dust and Water resistant
  • Duration: 2.5 hours continuous on high
  • Direct plug in charger


Best Head Torch - CluLite

I like the Clulite head torch because it is so slim and lightweight! It fits around my forehead really well too which makes me feel more comfortable. The battery life is also great, I can use it for hours on end with no problems. In fact what impresses me the most is the battery life and it's ability to be recharged. I like how you can charge it up and then use it as needed. To add to that everything else is very simplistic, good and easy to use on it. It has five options when it comes to lighting. Your standard full strength beam, intermediate beam and low output beam. Along with a red beam and a flashing red beam. The beams can be adjusted easily by turning the adjustable knob on the front of the head torch.

I would highly recommend this head torch because of the quality, price point and battery life! The CluLite Head Torch is a very good buy for anyone who needs to light up their path or is venturing out into dark areas often.



Best Head Torch - CluLite

Most head torches now are pretty good, especially the newer ones with LED lighting. LED is the only option I would go for now simply because of the battery life is much better. Also, LED does much better in the cold and doesn't drain nowhere near as fast as older technology.

If you are out in the wilderness or camping, then a head torch like the CluLite will give you up to 150m of lighting which is more than enough. A lot of people choose their head torches based on how bright they go and what colour light they produce. The higher the lumens (measured in power) your head torch has, generally the brighter it will be - but not always! For example some red lights can also have lots of lumens too so that's something to think about if you want an alternative option. It comes down to personal preference really which one suits you best but I personally prefer having white coloured light.


Head Torch - 90 degrees rotation

The different types of head torches include the following:

  • "White-light head torches" are best for general purposes. These do not shine in any particular colour and they provide a wide range of light which means that you can see what is happening on the ground, as well as further ahead or behind you. This type of head torch is usually popular with hikers who want to have visibility up front and also around them at night. 
  • "Red-light head torches" are preferred by people who need to preserve their dark adaptation when camping outdoors - such as astronomers and those looking at nocturnal animals without disturbing their sleep cycles. Red lights interfere less with natural response to darkness so they prevent your eyes from straining all the time. 
  • *Other features that define different types of head torches would include the amount of light they produce, the battery life and their weight. You can get more purposeful head torches that are produced. For example, mountain rescue personnel, these would produce significantly more light. Everything else is just personnel preference. 





  • A headlamp provides hands free illumination, allowing you to use your hands for other tasks. 
  • LEDs last much longer than regular torches
  • LED torches produce a brighter and more evenly distributed light than regular torches as well as using less energy - meaning that they are better for the environment in terms of waste management.
  • LEDs are much safer than incandescent bulbs
  • A headlamp is more comfortable to wear for long periods of time, as it does not put weight on your hand. 
  • The strap is usually quite wide and padded which means that the pressure will be distributed across your forehead instead - this also means less strain on the neck muscles or headaches from wearing heavy torches for hours at a time
  • A headlamp usually provides illumination of a wider area than hand held torches. 
  • LED torches offer more flexibility with light levels when compared to regular torches which only have one level of brightness. Light can be reduced for tasks such as reading or increased for searching the ground ahead while hiking, etc.
  • The beam range of a head torch is often not as good as a hand held
  • Often have to adjust the head torch to get it pointing exactly where you want it at longer ranges


Head torches are designed for specific purposes, such as hiking or camping. They can be used to illuminate the ground in front of you, which is especially useful when carrying a heavy load and walking over rough terrain. A headlamp also makes it easier to make adjustments without having your hands occupied by holding a torch. Modern LED technology means that head lamps today produce an impressive amount of light while requiring only one set of batteries - so they will have much longer battery life than regular torches with their now outdated incandescent bulbs! There aren't many cons to having a head torch but I have included a few for the sake of the table regardless!



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