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February 4, 2021

Best fishing lines for bass


When you’re going sea bass fishing you want to have a selection of lures that can be fished in different simplistic ways. And you want your lure box filled up with lures that you know work in pretty much all areas. It’s nice to experiment with different types of lures but most of us just don’t have the time and cant eat all our time up doing so! So here are ten lures that I have chosen that can be fished in a range of ways that are known to catch bass and catch well too.

Some key aspects you need to be looking at when choosing your lure are:

  • Size: You need to select the correct size lure depending on what fish you are targeting! Bass will take pretty much anything as long as it’s not massively too big.
  • Weight: The weight of your lure will depend on how far you need to cast it and the rod you have at your disposal.
  • Colour: Certain fish will react better to certain colours. Normally you would match the colour of your lure to your targets prey.
  • Action: It’s good to select several different types of lures that produce various actions. Some are better fished slow and some fast.

FIIISH – Combo Black Minnow – soft plastic lures – Best bass lures

This lure is stated by many to be the best soft plastic lure for catching bass at the moment! It’s responsible for many big bass catches and you will see it in all the fishing magazines and forums. This is a weedless lure, notice how the hook folds back into the fish. Because of this weedless setup you can get right in among the weed with a bit of practice to where all the bigger bass lie up.

Its made from a super soft plastic, this allows the action of the fish to be impeccably life like. Although because it’s so soft it cant take too many fish and they are expensive to keep buying. But they are among the best lures at catching fish so I will let you weigh that one up.

Savage Gear Saltwater Sandeels – soft plastic lures

These soft plastic lures are another that is taking lure fishing by storm and is used by so many fisherman as their go to lure for bass and pollack fishing! This lure has been used for quite some time now and is prolific at catching fish. It is super realistic looking due to it being hand painted which has increased the detail.

You have the option to attach another hook to this lure as it has an extra eye to do so on the underside of the lure. This lure is used all over the world for bass and pollack in the UK to striper-bass, snook, redfish, halibut and all manner of freshwater fish across the world.

Sidewinder Candy King Sandeel – soft plastic lures

These particular soft plastic lures are renowned for their distinct rainbow coloured pattern down their side. It’s not known to imitate anything in nature like most lures do but it’s very well known in the fishing industry for being highly effective at catching fish. Most fisherman will have this lure in their tackle box and regard it highly. Sidewinder lures have been at the top of their game in recent years producing some of the best bass lures you can get.

Sidewinder Super Real Skerries – Best bass lures

This soft plastic lure is another one from sidewinder lures that is one of the best lures to imitate a sand-eel. It’s very lifelike and is probably one of the most common lures that you will find in the fishing industry. As far as bass fishing lures go this will compete with most lures and has produced huge quantities of bass, pollack, coal-fish & cod over the years. They are very effective and not expensive either when you compare them to other lures on the market. Without a doubt one of the best bass lures you can get.

Sidewinder 4″ Sandeels – 10g – Ghost White – Best bass lures

These soft plastic lures in the super solid white colour are another go to lure. They are particularly effective in clear water for bass. Also they aren’t expensive but are proven to be effective. There are a lot of bass fisherman who swear by the colour white. It’s also proven to be very effective when targeting cod on wrecks and isn’t a massive loss when losing gear doing that type of snaggy fishing because they are so cheap!

Sidewinder Crusader Shads – Best bass lures

Another soft plastic lure which is easy to use, but most deadly for it’s colour. The colour pink is famed for being deadly at catching pollack. But it works very well for bass and many other species too due to it’s realism. It’s action and looks imitate a small herring when used in the sea and the colour just makes it stand out even more. Most of the better fisherman will often use this colour when fishing for pollack and cod on wrecks or drifting for pollack through long flowing kelp. A great all round lure that couldn’t be left out.

Savage Gear Salt Line Thru Sandeel 12.5 cm/19g – Sinking

This lure is different to all the previous options because this is a hard lure. I love this lure because of how realistic it looks and moves in the water. You’ll understand if you purchase one. This lure when in retrieval will fish just under the water I find. Another great feature on this lure is it’s action when you stop retrieving. It will sink and flutter from side to side in reverse motion. This movement is meant to imitate a sand-eel trying to flee and berry itself in the sand.

I normally fish it with short fast bursts and then pause for a couple of seconds and then repeat. Super realistic lure which is very popular with a lot of fisherman. This lure is made from hard ABS plastic so the durability of it is ten fold compared to soft plastic lures. The casting ability of this lure is among the best there is as-well because of it’s rigidity and shape.

IMA Artificial IBORN 98F Shallow 13g – Best bass lures

This is a small shallow water floating hard plastic lure. Another prolific bass catching lure. You can use this one to opposite affect to the line thru sand-eel just mentioned above. The line thru sand-eel will sink when you pause where as this one will float upwards when you pause during the retrieval. It makes it a really good lure for using in shallow water where you may have a lot of snaggy rocks just under the surface. It gives you so much control in hard to fish areas. Another benefit of this lure is it’s casting ability. For such a small lure it can cast pretty far indeed.

Xorus Floating Lure Patchinko – Best bass lures

This another hard plastic which is one of the best bass lures out there. Another great lure for casting out at distance which has been on the market for a long time now. It’s been tried and tested over several years and the conclusion is it’s a very consistent lure. It’s best used in rough waters where there is a bit of chop. Again this lure in this coloration imitates a sand-eel which are very common around the UK coast.

Fiiish Crazy Sand Eel – Best bass lures

A great option again are these soft plastic lures that Fiiish are producing. Again one of Fiiish’s new sand-eel imitations, this ones design is a fast retrieve style and therefore is best you use it to spice things up when you need a change of plan! It’s a large soft plastic lure and imitates a larger sand-eel which we call a lance and many fish go crazy for it. Its a very versatile lure as well and is proving to work for many species in many different countries!

Essential extras:

1. Lure box:

You’re going to need a lure box to store all your lures in. You don’t want something that’s too big. Because more often than not lure fishing is a very active style of fishing which requires you to move around. Therefore something small that you can put in a back pack will be perfect. Here’s my suggestions below:’

2. Swivels:

You’ll need plenty of swivels, don’t connect your main line straight to the lure because it will tangle up and twist if you catch a fish. You want a swivel above your lure. You would normally attach your swivel anywhere between 0 – 4 foot above your lure. Here’s my suggestions for swivels below:

3. Hooks:

You will have to replace the hooks on your hard plastic lures after a while. Your soft plastic lures will come with their own hooks. The main two types of hooks that you can attach to your lure are “single” or “treble” hooks. Some people only like to use single hooks because they say it’s easier to unhook the fish and causes less damage to the fish. However, others prefer trebles because they say the hook hold is better and general hook up ratios are better. It really doesn’t bother me that much but here are two good option to choose:

4. Split rings & snap links:

You’ll need some split rings to attach your hooks to your hard plastic lures. It’s good to have plenty of these lying around, so click the link and it will take you to a box full of different sizes. Also, snap links are extremely handy to have, it allows you to change lures quickly simply by un-clipping one for another. It saves having to cut and tie a new knot every time you want to change a lure:

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