July 7, 2021


Sea Bass are a species of fish that can be found in the United Kingdom. They have been popularized by British fisherman and their high demand has created an industry around catching them. Bass fishing is typically done with a variety of different types of rigs depending on the location and time of year. In this blog post you will learn a few general facts, what their habitat and distribution is like and how to catch these fantastic fish!


sea bass

The fishing equipment that I am suggesting to you below is what I believe the best value for money. We feel very confident in the following suggestions we have provided:

  • ROD - The equipment used will depend on where the fishing will be conducted. Generally 12 lb boat class rod will be sufficient! A range of different rods can be used from the shore, depending on what methods you plan on using!  [boat: Penn - Rampage II ] [Shore: Shakespeare Agility Sea Tipster or Penn Rampage II Surf Rod]
  • REEL - The reel will again depend on where and how you are fishing. A multiplier reel is better suited to a boat. Where as a fixed spool reel is the most common in use from the shore! [boat: Penn 525 Mag4 / Multiplier ] [Shore: Penn Spinfisher Long Cast]
  • LINE - I prefer to select line above 15 lbs for bass regardless of where I'm fishing. A good quality line like Daiwa will make a noticable difference. Go for the 25lbs for extra durability! [boat: braid or mono] [Shore: braid or mono
  • LURES - We have a full articles written about the best lures for bass. Here is the article (click here). All the lures selected in this article will work both from the shore and boat! 
  • RIGS - When starting out buying good quality rigs can be a big help. And from these rigs you can begin to learn how to tie your own rigs. For me simplicity is best and I have always done well wherever I am with these basic rigs! [boat: Running ledger rig or Float rig] [Shore: Running ledger rig or pulley pennel rig]
  •  BAIT - Bass like a quite a varied diet as far as fish are concerned! They will take pretty much any bait, match your bait with what can be found in the venue of choice.. [boat & shore: Ragworm, Lugworm, Sand-eel, squid, crab & mackerel


100 CM


20 LBS




WALES - The bass distribution in Wales is mainly inshore, in shallow water over rocks and gravel. You will find bass along most part of the welsh coast, and especially near the mouths of rivers. They are also found in estuaries, but seem to be less common there than they used to be.

ENGLAND - Bass are found more predominantly around the south west coast of England. Although they are found on the east coast they are far more abundant on the South west coast!

SCOTLAND - Bass fishing in Scotland is not well renowned and they seem to be far less abundant in the Scotland than they are in the rest of the UK. It is possible though to catch them at certain times of year in southern Scotland!

IRELAND - Bass fishing in Ireland can be exceptional and again is more abundant on the southern coast. This is because the waters are warmer which bass love. You will find bass in the Irish Sea and also off of the south coast.


Adult sea bass move closer to the shore in warmer waters during March through mid-June, then they start spawning. Females can release eggs that hatch into larvae after 3-4 days at 13-14°C, and then the larvae will drift closer inshore.



Here's a great video from the "Fish Locker" showing you exactly how to catch some fantastic bass!


Sea bass are found all around the world, mostly in temperate waters. The UK has a number of sea bass species that live close to shore and can be targeted by anglers who fish from their boats or on foot. The European seabass is a predatory fish found in inshore British waters and estuaries. These fish migrate to inshore shorelines during summer months and offshore throughout colder seasons. In the springtime they will gather in larger shoals to spawn!

Sea bass fishing can be done in a number of ways, such as from the shoreline or while standing on rocks. Fishing for bass requires using specialized equipment and techniques that can be slightly different from those used for other fish species found inside UK waters. Sea bass rigs are often baited with squid, prawns and mussels to entice these predatory fish to bite! Sea Bass is an excellent sportfish - catching them often involves being able to identify their prey by learning how it moves through water (including natural obstacles) so you can anticipate where your catch will likely be coming up!



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