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Jake's outdoors has started because we love hunting, fishing and being in the outdoors. Jake's Outdoors is a website to provide gear for those who want to go outside and enjoy nature. We specialize in three different sections of outdoor living: hunting, fishing, and general outdoors. The About Page will help you understand what we are about as a company with links to our other pages that will give more information on each subject. Along with the aim of trying to build a community around us and bring people of a similar mindset together!


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By creating this website and community, we want to help you the "customer" find the best products that are out there. By spending time in the outdoors, we have developed relationships with experts who have taught us their ways. This experience has given us a greater appreciation of what they do for a living.

We want to share with you what we have learnt about which products are best to use when participating in your activity. Professional input and years of experience have helped in creating this website. As well as, extensive research on all the products or services that are seen in our blogs has been carried out. We will share personal experiences on when and how we have used these products. If you would like to find out more about Jake's Outdoors, please send us a message. We hope you enjoy our blogs and feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

Jake's Outdoor is the ultimate guide for all your hunting, fishing and general outdoor gear needs. From shotguns to fishing rods we review everything you need in order to get out there make great memories with friends and family. Our team of experts are here every day providing advice on what products will best suit your lifestyle whether it be hunting, fishing or hiking. You can expect reviews on new equipment coming out as well as technical advice from seasoned outdoors-men when needed. We want people like yourself who love being active outside to find success using the best equipment!


Here, at Jake's Outdoors we want to build a tight community as our way of life and experiences are so unique. There is nothing like being outdoors, especially on a hunt or fishing vacation. We would love you to comment on our blogs. Get in contact with us about any of your experiences on the products or services that I will be recommending. We don't just enjoy shooting and hunting, our true passion is simply being outdoors. Because of this we will talk about as many topics as we can. Other topics that you can expect to see include, hill walking, cameras and filming and sailing and motor-boating. The list doesn't stop there though as we are always delving into other areas.

The community that we are trying to build is one that joins us in our passion. We want people to come and share their experiences with the rest of Jake's Outdoors community members, we are open minded about all aspects of life as long as you enjoy being outdoors! Whatever your interests are feel free to comment on any blogs or message us so we can recommend products for you! - The aim is to just get everyone together who loves being outdoors (hunting, fishing, camping). 


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Finally, we would like to sign off by saying thank you very much for taking the time to read and interact with our blog. Please look out for our blog and don't forget to subscribe to our emails list. By subscribing to our email list we will be able to update you on any new exciting products that we recommend. Just know we don't recommend anything that we didn't think was the best value for money product in it's field.